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Kayak Rentals to be Back this year, 2022!

Beginners and experienced kayakers welcome.
All equipment is provided.
Please allow 30 min's prior to departure for safety briefing and area education session.

Each participant must complete these forms. Please print and review the release / information pages. You may bring completed forms with you on day of rental to save

preparation times

  • ?What are the best hours to go out kayaking
    It is advised that potential customers “try” and plan their kayak adventure within 3 to 4 hours around a high tide for optimum safety, pleasure and beauty. Low tides will require you to carry kayaks across the mud which can be very unpleasant
  • ?What should I know about the weather forecast & wind direction
    You may also want to check with the weather network to know more about the forecast on the day of your visit. When you arrive, look for wind direction. Wind blowing towards land is best, wind blowing outward to sea is dangerous; an inexperienced kayaker can get tired and not be able to paddle against the wind and be blown into real danger when out. If weather turns ugly or wind picks up head towards shore
  • ?Are we allowed to go out alone
    No one is allowed to go out alone. We do this for safety reasons
  • ?What if I have no kayaking experience
    Anyone who has not had any experience with kayaking must stay close to shore and close to town water’s edge, unless they hire a Dockside guide
  • ?What if I have experience
    An experienced kayaker can use any kayak. Tandem kayaks can be navigated by one person however the weather should be very good, the tide should be in coming and they need to be experienced and very fit
  • ?What if one has experience and one doesn’t
    If there’s a variance of experienced levels, then we would appoint the most experienced kayaker as team leader and all others must abide by his/her advise on the water
  • ?Are there any safety procedures we should follow
    You must be aware of and attentive to passing vessels at all times, watch the wake of the vessel(s) and steer 90 degrees into waves Go over the Ariel picture with Dockside staff so that you are aware of the area and discuss your course, direction and time table Ensure that vest is comfortably snug to chest and whistle is attached
  • ?What do I do if the kayak over turns
    Stay with the kayak, kick and swim towards shore, other kayakers should stay close. If team knows how to re-enter, then attempt to do so. Call from cell phone if assistance is required-1-866-445-4950
  • ?What else do I need to bring with me
    We recommend guests bring lots of water and a snack for the adventure. Sun block, hat and sun glasses would also be wise choices
Kayak Waiver Form
  • Cancellation policy is 24 hours prior to departure
    or full rental charges will be applied

  • Fundy Complex staff have the right, responsibility and obligation to cancel any adventure rental if there is any risk of an unsafe excursion. Be it weather, equipment concerns or any other reasons they feel are warranted

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